Talkeetna Community Council approves two committees

At its March meeting, the Talkeetna Community Council, Inc. board of directors voted unanimously to form a new committee for a community garden project and reconstitute the playground committee.

The community garden committee request came from Hannah Kaplan and Suzi Reichert. They say a group of interested volunteers has already done legwork to get the project going, but that they are looking for an existing nonprofit to join with as opposed to creating a new organization. The organizers say the Talkeetna Historical Society will provide use of part of its land near the museum for the garden. They also came with a letter from the historical society board supporting the project. Hannah Kaplan is the chair of the community garden committee.


In addition, the board voted to reconstitute the playground committee, which has been inactive in recent years. Unlike the community garden committee, the playground committee has existed in the past, and there is still a checking account associated with it. Rachel Robinson and Cassie Westnedge say fundraising efforts have already begun for maintenance work on Talkeetna’s playground, including new wood sealant, wood chips, and fencing. Rachel Robinson is the interim chair of the playground committee, pending its first official meeting.

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