Denali Echoes

KTNA provides Denali Echoes as a service to our listeners without regular phone service.

To send an echo, or to cancel an echo you’ve received, send an e-mail to, use our online form, or call 733-1200. Only the studio line 733-1200 is checked in the evenings and on weekends.

If leaving an echo on voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly. If there is a name, word or phrase which is very important or easily misunderstood, you should spell it.

Echoes are aired for two days unless you leave other instructions. On weekdays, echoes are aired three times: after morning news, at about 7:50, and following midday classifieds around 12:25 and evening classifieds at about 6:25. On Sundays, you can hear echoes at 6:25 pm.

Current Echoes