Nuggets – Daryl Miller, 12-31-08

This is an old Nuggets that was not posted previously on our web site. Daryl Miller, at the time head of mountaineering for Denali National Park, is interviewed by Maureen McLaughlin.

Nuggets – Holly Stinson interview with Johnny Baker, from January 2010

  For KTNA’s birthday celebration, we are revisiting a popular KTNA series from the past called Nuggets.  In this episode, Johnny Baker, also know as Trapper John, is interviewed by Holly Stinson.  Johnny came to Alaska in the 50s and to Talkeetna in the 60s. In this interview with Holly Stinson, he discusses his early…

Nuggets-Lynn Stevens 6-5-2008

Long time Talkeetna resident Lynn Stevens passed away at age 104 on March 18th. On May 6th, there will be a memorial at Horizon House, in Anchorage, where she was living. It’s at 3 pm.On May 7th, a service and reception will be held at Wasilla Presbyterian Church, at 2 pm. Cards may be sent…

KTNA anniversary audio-A Moose Nugget

KTNA is celebrating 20 years of broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley with audio that we aired during the past two decades. Here’s a “Nugget” from 2007,  the first year that KTNA volunteers produced the weekly program. This Nugget is about Talkeetna’s long-running Moose Dropping Festival, which always happened the second weekend in July. Here’s…

KTNA anniversary audio–Nuggets: The Climbers’ Memorial

KTNA is celebrating 20 years broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley by bringing you audio broadcast during the past two decades. We’re sharing the past with you  on 88.9 FM and our stream every Friday at 12:35. This week, a Nuggets program from 2008, produced and hosted by volunteer Maureen McLaughlin, about the history and…

Nuggets-Living at Curry, in the mid-sixties

In this archived program, host Holly Stinson talks to Janet Valentine, who lived at the railroad siding north of Talkeetna known as Curry, in the mid-sixties. She tells what life was like as a young mother with small children, off the road system, far from town. Audio runs about a half hour. Nuggets Holly-J Valentine…

Nuggets-Minnie Swanda’s story

Holly Stinson provides an edited version of Mary Gunderson interviewing long-time resident and elementary school cook Minnie Swanda. It includes the story about saving The Little Red Schoolhouse for a museum. Audio runs about a half hour. Nuggets- Minnie Swanda

Nuggets-Ghosts and ghost stories

Local writer Sarah Birdsall and host Gale Moses talk about ghosts, ghost stories, and the plan for a book on some local hauntings. Audio runs about a half hour. Nuggets Ghost Stories audio

Nuggets-The Talkeetna Roadhouse

Host Maureen McLaughlin, and guests Roberta Sheldon, Ed Craver, and Trisha Costello re-visit the Talkeetna Roadhouse’s long and lively history in this program, which originally aired early this year. Audio runs about a half hour. Download Audio (mp3)