Storynory & Mory – Albert and Mr. Craven

Albert and Mr. Craven are actually from two different stories, and they would be very surprised to run into each other. Albert is an orangutan who loves his clothes, while Mr. Craven is Mary Lennox’s guardian in The Secret Garden. Both have great stories to share. Albert Orangutan The Secret Garden Chapter 12

Storynory & Mory – Dickon

If you’ve listened to The Secret Garden up to now, you will know that the most colorful character we haven’t yet met is Dickon, a boy who is a friend of the animals and apparently has the answer to every problem. Now is your chance to meet Dickon. The Secret Garden Chapter 10

Storynory & Mory – Secret Doors

This week’s stories are all about opening doors on secrets that were meant to remain hidden. The Grateful Crane is a Japanese tale about a poor farmer who saves a beautiful bird. In Chapter 8 of the Secret Garden, Mary learns to skip rope…and finds a hidden door. The Grateful Crane The Secret Garden Chapter…

Storynory & Mory – Emperor’s Dream and Secret Garden Chapter 6

Storynory & Mory started out this week with a dreamy romantic tale from Persia about China (just to be confusing). Then we picked up The Secret Garden as Mary finds there are yet more secrets to her new home at Misselthwaite Manor. Downton Abbey fans have no doubt noted that both this story and Downton…

Storynory & Mory – The Secret Garden Chapter 5

Mysteries continue to build at Misselthwaite Manor. Not only is the door to the secret garden hidden, but a strange cry is heard in the corridors at night. Plus, for Valentines Day we played the romantic tale of The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid, which not only provides a love story for Valentines Day but…

Storynory & Mory – The Secret Garden Chapter 4

Mary Lennox awakes to her first morning in her new home, and begins to explore. She meets the young housemaid Martha, the gardener Ben Weatherstaff, and a creature who is key to the story – a friendly robin. We also hear rumors of the secret garden itself. The Secret Garden Chapter 4