Storynory & Mory – The Crab That Played with the Sea

Here is another Rudyard Kipling “just so” story, explaining how things came to be just so. This one explains why the sea has tides. There may be some alternative explanations out there as well, but this one makes for a great story. The Crab That Played with the Sea

Storynory & Mory – Turkey Day

The Thanksgiving week show for Storynory & Mory featured a time-traveling turkey who is trying to enjoy a “delicious” meal. This story is time-traveling itself, coming from the early days of Storynory. Enjoy! Tick Tock Turkey and the Disappearing Sandwich

Storynory & Mory – Wicked

This was a very wicked show. Appropriately wicked music accompanied the Storynory tale of The Wicked Uncle, followed up by a reading of The Laidley Worm of Spindleston Heugh, a lesser known wicked stepmother story that involves a princess and a dragon. The latter story is an English folk tale from Northumbria, this version written…

Storynory & Mory – Bertie and the Ghost

Find out how Bertie came to be haunted by an annoying (though not very scary) ghost in this week’s Storynory. If you listened to the program on-air and were wondering about Dracula’s visit to the dentist, we don’t have a link but it is a track on Dave Rudolf’s Halloween Spooktacular if you wish to…

Storynory & Mory – Baba Yaga

Halloween is coming closer, and the stories are getting scarier! This week featured Baba Yaga, an Eastern European tale about a fearsome witch. Elements of other familiar fairy tales appear in this one, see how many you notice. Baba Yaga

Storynory & Mory – Wolf Girl Meets the Budget Monster

Hello everybody. In this KTNA membership drive special, we are threatened by the Budget Monster but manage to get some good stories on the air. Of particular note is The Wolf Girl, written and read by young Talkeetna resident Bethany Kehoe. Also, an early story and song about Katie the Witch explain why Katie is…

Storynory & Mory – Sadko + Robin and King Richard

The Robin Hood series concludes with the story of how King Richard met Robin Hood, adapted from the ballad “The Gest of Robin Hood” written around 1450. This is a different version of the story than you might know. We also played the story of Sadko, a talented gusli musician whose playing pleased Tsar Morskoi,…

Storynory & Mory – British Legends

This week we covered stories from two of Britain’s most famous legends – Robin Hood and King Arthur. We have been listening to Robin Hood tales for a few weeks now, but this one is perhaps the most famous of all, the archery contest that is really a trap set by the Sheriff of Nottingham….

Storynory & Mory – Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Continuing the Robin Hood saga, we meet Maid Marian and discover how she ends up among the outlaws of Sherwood Forest. Also, one man’s preparation for the end of his reign yields valuable benefits. Robin Hood and Main Marian The Desolate Island