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Some election results still up in the air

by KTNA Staff ~ October 7th, 2009

voting2  The Talkeetna Community Council has three new Directors for their Board. Meghaan    Vaughan, the youngest director, took the most votes with 135 of 187 total voters casting  their ballot for her. The other two elected directors, Cary Birdsall and Howard Carbone received 130 votes each. Larry Dearman was in fourth place with 66 votes. This year, Loudon Wilson, outgoing director, acted as the election official and appointed a panel of 7 residents to help count the votes.

In the Mat Su Borough election, the sales tax ordinance failed by a large margin. Proposition number 2, which was a school bond proposition looks like it has failed, although there are one thousand four hundred and twenty three absentee ballots left to count and it only has a 483 vote gap. There is still a possibility that the proposition could pass.

Mayor Talis Colberg won in a landslide in the mayoral race.

Borough Assembly seat 7 goes to Vern Halter in a close race with Doyle Holmes. It is unlikely, even after absentee ballots are counted that Holmes could pull in front. In the Susitna District, Halter took 64% of the votes, in Talkeetna he took 74% of the vote and in Trapper Creek, Halter’s old stomping grounds,he took an even higher percentage. In Willow, the vote was 284 to 278, with Holmes in the lead. Meadow Lakes districts also votes on District 7. Halter took those districts with 55% of the vote.

In a strange turn, incumbent Michelle Church lost Assembly Seat 3 to Ron Arvin, CEO of NPI, the wood chipping company, who is currently in a lawsuit with the Borough. Jim Colver, past School Board president, is in a close race for Assembly seat 6, which may turn with the absentee and questioned ballot count.

Voter turnout in the election was low, with 20% of Susitna voters, 23% of Talkeetna voters, and 17% of Trapper Creek voters turning out. Voter turnout across the Borough was 22%. There are still close to two thousand questioned and absentee ballots to be counted. According to Borough officials, the count could take two weeks.

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