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Fish Lake morning

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Rainy July breaks no Talkeetna records

by KTNA Staff ~ August 12th, 2010

July was a rainier July than normal in the Upper Valley.  However, it was not the rainiest.According to the Alaska Climate Research Center, we were 38% above normal precipitation.  Normal precipitation for July is 3.24″ and Talkeetna received 4.48″

Heather Angeloff, the climatologist for the Alaska Climate Research Center keeps track of historical information and says most of Alaska had above normal precipitation, but there were locations that had it worse than others.

Nuiqsut, the small town near the Beaufort Sea Coast, had 3 times the amount of rain in July that they normally have.  However, the July average there is  .48 ” and this year they received 1.46″ of rain.  Percentage-wise, Angelhoff says it looks shocking, but actual precipitation amounts were nowhere near what other locations have experienced.  Other locations around the state that had near historic levels of precipitation were Northway, who recorded their 2nd wettest July since 1942.  King Salmon had its 5th wettest and 3rd coolest July on record.

The Alaska Climate Research Center is based in Fairbanks and is part of the Geophysical Institute. Angelhoff says they provide climate information to any resident as well as to scientists from around the world. They archive climatological data for Alaska and keep an eye on current conditions across the state.

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