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AFN: Delegates endorse Lisa Murkowski

by admin default ~ October 21st, 2010

SUPPORTING THE INCUMBENT— Delegates at the AFN convention greeted Senator Lisa Murkowski waving her campaign signs under the motto “Let’s make history”. Murkowski is waging a write-in campaign in the senatorial race. Photo by Diana Haecker

FAIRBANKS— On Thursday afternoon, Alaska political candidates and current office holders made appearances on stage as well as on the sidelines of the annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks.

In an unusual move, the entire AFN convention voted to endorse incumbent and write-in candidate for US Senate Lisa Murkowski. AFN Co-chair Tim Towarak said that the Alaska Federation of Natives doesn’t endorse political candidates lightly but that this year’s race is unusual and the body of Native Alaskans need to endorse the candidate who is working to defend Native interests in Washington D.C. The Republican Senator addressed the audience before her endorsement.

Outside in the parking lot, Democratic senatorial candidate Scott McAdams held a press conference next to his campaign trailer. Tribal leader Mike Williams from Aniak threw his support behind McAdams and said he supports him because of McAdams’ commitment to educational programs and his knowledge of tribal and rural matters.Absent from the halls and the convention was Republican official candidate for Senate Joe Miller.

MAKING THE ROUNDS (top right)— Senator Lisa Murkowski strolled through the Arts and Crafts Pavillion at the AFN convention, handing out  bracelets with her name written on them. Photo by Diana Haecker

The convention lasts through Saturday with discussions on the federal subsistence review and what is needed to secure village survival, this year’s convention theme.

SIDELINE EVENT— Scott McAdams, middle, held a press conference outside the AFN convention at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks. Aniak tribal leader and Iditarod musher Mike Williams Sr. endorsed McAdams. Both took questions from the press and AFN delegates from a small crowd of 30 people at the sideline event. Photos by Diana Haecker

1 Response to AFN: Delegates endorse Lisa Murkowski

  1. Cooday

    One poll shows 37-37-23? Anther Poll 35-34-27.7. I bet it is a lot closer then that among all 3 Senate candidates. Rural Alaska is not a easy place to poll and Scott McAdams has been gaining ground there. Scott McAdams is ready to fight for all Alaskans in the Senate.

    Here are some of the voices on the grassroots level. The Alaska Native grassroots are the majority and will make their presence felt on Nov 2nd. Join us! —

    Video: Alaska Natives standing with Scott McAdams

    Facts – Mike Williams supports Scott McAdams for Senate

    Know Lisa’s Votes: Before you support Lisa Murkowski

    A vote for Murkowski is a vote for Joe Miller who is simply too extreme for Alaska.
    Choose a true leader with integrity. Vote Scott McAdams!