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Fish Lake morning

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Election results certified

by KTNA Staff ~ October 22nd, 2010

(aired wed) The final results of the Mat Su Borough election have been certified. All absentee and questioned ballots have been received and counted.

Assemblyman Ron Arvin has been  sworn in as the Borough deputy mayor.  He’ll preside over Borough meetings until a new mayor is sworn in after the special election in January.

Recently elected Assemblymen Warren Keough  and Noel Woods were sworn in at the Borough Assembly meeting Tuesday night.

School Board member Susan Pougher kept her seat for another term, but the other two incumbents were ousted.  School Board President Colleen Vague lost her seat to challenger Neal Lacy and Myrl Thompson lost his seat to Lynn Gattis.  Thompson won in the upper Valley, but Gattis, as a Wasilla resident, took the majority of votes in the lower valley.

In the end, Proposition 2, the road bond issue, failed by only 166 votes.  The margin on that vote narrowed after the final tally of absentee votes.  The voters of the upper valley favored the road bonds by a slight margin.

Voters chose to keep the manager form of government.  They selected to support school capital improvements but voted down the bonds to improve school sports tracks and other related improvements.  Voters of the upper valley voted in favor, by a slight majority, of the sports tracks.

21% of the registered voters voted in the October municipal election. A total of one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven absentee and question ballots were counted.

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