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Investigation begins into e911 call

by KTNA Staff ~ November 4th, 2010

After a complaint was received by Borough Emergency Services on how the emergency call was handled in the Dirk Fast murder case, an internal investigation has been initiated.

Dennis Brodigan, Director of Borough Emergency Services, said that after he was alerted to a potentially troubling situation from Talkeetna responders themselves, he asked for all of the e9-1-1 audio from Friday evening. Brodigan oversees the contractor for the 911 services and is ultimately responsible for all emergency services Borough-wide.

A question has been raised as to the commands given to Talkeetna responders Friday evening.  Brodigan said it is standard procedure in a situation where there is a potential for great harm to come to responders to have them stand by in a given location until an all clear is given.  Responders say that the ambulance was originally told to drive to the Parks Highway and stand by. (*that would have meant driving past the presumably armed suspect and Troopers and 14 miles away from the wounded man)

Friday evening’s situation at the Latitude may have seemed unusual in some minds.  There were 2 or 3 Talkeetna EMTs, as well as others with medical training, at the Latitude at the time of the shooting.

Brodigan expects the investigation to take less than 2 weeks.

1 Response to Investigation begins into e911 call

  1. Doug

    It seems perfectly logical to have the responders at a location safe from potential harm in a situation like this. But at The “y” seems an over reaction. Particularly since they had to drive past the scene to begin with. Perhaps the certain locales could be predetermined as best as possible. Like in this case at the Fire hall lot. I heard they responded very quickly regardless and for that they are to be praised.