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Trapper Creek man killed by gunman

by KTNA Staff ~ January 24th, 2011

A Trapper Creek man was killed and his wife wounded when a gunman opened fire on the elderly couple on Saturday night outside their residence in Trapper Creek.

While circumstances are still under investigation, troopers said that Trapper Creek resident Jeremy Nelson shot and killed sixty-six year old Robert Carey in front of his house. Nelson also shot at Carey’s wife Verna and wounded her.

Verna Carey managed to call the Alaska State Troopers. They found Robert Carey dead in his driveway in front of his house and took his injured wife from the residence to an ambulance. She was transported to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center.

Troopers responded with a Special Emergency Reaction Team and Helo One. After more than six hours they managed to arrest the suspect not far from the shooting scene. At 4:50 a.m. Nelson was taken into custody. He was charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and first degree assault. He was taken to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility and is held without bail. Nelson’s arraignment is set for Monday, January 24th at 1p.m. in Palmer court.

6 Responses to Trapper Creek man killed by gunman

  1. Laura Carey

    Let it be known that my Father was more that just the “guy that was murdered in Trapper Creek”.
    He was more than just “someone’s husband”.

    And that the grief of murder may be even more difficult to deal with than loss from a disease because the answer to “why” is always a third party.

    I believe that we have a legal system, not necessarily a justice system. For me the only justice would be to have my Father back.

    Those who have lost a loved one due to natural causes may not understand all the complexities of a loss from a murder.
    Murder has its own deeper level of denial and shock. The event is unbelievable, unexpected, tragic and a crime, all at once.

    Grief after murder has many expressions; our grief is as unique as a finger print. Some may want to get involved in the legal case, some may not. Others may want to face the murderer, others may not.

    Murder is especially horrifying because another person’s actions took an innocent life.
    The idea that the tragic loss of a loved one can be determined by another person’s decision is devastating.
    It can also be incomprehensible that it can be a random act.
    The perpetrator may not be known to the victim or vice versa.
    The shock of losing someone to murder takes hold immediately and leaves family members totally bewildered.

    We all know that this Jeremy guy that was arrested for the murder of my father was a crazy meth-head.

    BUT what you may not know about my Father (Bob Carey) is that he was a loving Father, Grandfather and Loyal Friend to many in the area.

    My Father and Stepmom Verna chose to live a life of solitude out in the heart of Trapper Creek.

    They had many ups and downs through the years but were dedicated to their survivalist lifestyle and learned in time to love each other unconditionally.

    Many might have thought and maybe still do that this is the lazy mans way of living, or that they must of been meth addicts or given up on life.

    On the contrary neither of them were forced into this lifestyle. They were BOTH fully dedicated to each other and were far from giving up on life.

    I will miss being able to pick up the phone and call my dad when I am sad and am in need of his guidance and support.

    My Children will miss spending time with a Grandpa they loved dearly and admired tremendously. He is forever in our hearts and memories.

    My father was a man of God and had peace in his heart when he died.

    Robert David Carey; He is Survived by wife of over 20 years Verna Carey 58;

    2 Biological Children;
    Laura Carey 37 of Wasilla
    Garth Carey 21 of Quesnel, British Columbia

    4 Biological Grandchildren;
    Christopher Sherk 19 and Tabitha Pearson 17 of Wasilla
    Tristan Carey age 2 and Baby Kaelyn Carey 11 mths. of Quesnel, British Columbia.

  2. Judy Schilber/Mitchell

    I have known Verna Carry 47 years, & her husband Bob (RICK) about 22 years. Verna is my Sister-In-Law,& we have stayed in contact as time would allow.
    How many of you know a few things about *METH HEADS* ??? There is alot of information on the internet about any part of it.

    *METH LABS* are numbered, according to each state from Highest to Lowest number.
    Alaska has been given the 2nd most for Labs & I live in the Central Missouri area & it was given the #1 of ALL the states, with the, Largest number of METH LABS.

    These, METH LABS are (usually) set up in rural areas. But I didn’t know much about METH at that time and I decided years ago that I didn’t want to live in a Big City, due to crime & drugs…………..Meth addicts need at least $150.00 a day or MORE depending on their habbit. Thats one reason our homes are broke into & robbed.
    They also kill people,for no reason what so ever, as with Bob >>(Rick) Carey & his wife.

    Verna Carey.is much more than lucky, her Life Long Angel knew to be with her on this
    dreadfull nite,& kept her safe, as the METH ADDICT chased her into their home & shot her.. She pretended she was dead & *Jeremy* left her for dead. This is a big family & everyone is shocked,& mouring, even the children wonder if they are safe.
    Many tears have been shed, with many more tears to come.
    Our justice system is to lenient on criminals who commit murder. The victoms appear to have very little rights. This is not right.

    My family is praying for the Carey family, for them to have the strength that they will need for months to come. I myself am also praying that our God might banish all evil to be gone from the Trapper Creek area. May God be with you Verna,& your family, & Rick be in peace.

    MAY THE LOVE OF GOD SURROUND YOU…..Judy Schilber/Mitchell

  3. charles

    I am sorry for your loss . i know jeremy i cant get over what he did to u folks i never knew him to do meth maybe i didnt know him very well. maybe mental i dont know . we thought he would do good in ak like get a job and start all over . he had a drinking problem and a temper and didnt like the laws in wa. st so he moved to ak.

  4. Michelle Risener/Schilber

    To my Dearest Aunt Verna and all of the family. My condolences go out to all of you. When I heard of this event I was in total shock. We never think it can happen to us or to our families but evidently it does and can. Aunt Verna, I want you to know that I Love you very much and God is with you now more than ever, even on that awful night that you had to endure.
    Our Justice System is way too lenient, like my Mom Judy Schilber said. These people do these things and it takes years for trials and they live high on the hog in prison with all of paying for them to live and be catered with good things in a prison, to me that is wrong. As far as I’m concerned we need to go back to Gods Law in the Old Testament, An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth. These murderers, sex offenders, etc, don’t deserve to live in a descent society much less live period once they committ the crime. I am a Christian, but I still feels whats fair is fair, if someone kills another they should be immediately killed the same way themselves.
    God Bless You and your family Aunt Verna, I love you. Michelle Schilber/Risener

  5. Russ

    I briefly knew the evil perrson that did this terrible thing. He belongs in prison, but not the kind of prisons we have today. Today they get their clothes laundered, their bedding washed and dried. They get free hygiene products (even our military people have to pay for their own!!!). They get to sit around and watch TV or play video games or play card games with their pals. All their meals are prepared and delivered. All their medical needs are met. (To the tune of $100,000,000 last year in Alaska alone!)

  6. Ila Jo Harrell

    February 9th,2011
    Dear Verna,
    I don’t have words to express the pain I feel in my heart right now. I have never in my life known two kinder, gentler people. I am forever grateful to you and Bob and the rest of your family for all you did for Zach, Cassi and I. You will all be in our prayers and if we can do anything at all do not hesitate to get ahold of us. We love you all.
    Tom, Ila Jo and family.