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KTNA Studio

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Fish Lake morning

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Public comment period extended for military training expansion

by admin default ~ February 1st, 2011

The U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force extended the public comment period on their proposed expansions for military training areas.

The so-called Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex describes training areas in Alaska that the military says need to be extended to adjust military training to modern day warfare in the 21st century.

The military held a presentation in Talkeetna last week, informing the public about their proposal to create new military exercise areas and expanding existing ones. Scoping meetings in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Glennallen, Healy, Delta Junction and Wasilla were held to hear from locals about potential environmental consequences that could come with modernizing current military ground and air training in Alaska.

The military is accepting public comments now for an additional two weeks. Written comments received no later than Feb. 18, 2011, will be considered in the preparation of the draft environmental impact statement.

1 Response to Public comment period extended for military training expansion

  1. Mick Quinn

    DISAPPOINTMENT TO A WARNING! We in Salcha, AK have had mixed relations with our Military neighbor’s training areas. In the 1980s our wonderful neighbors attempted to deny civilian access to their training areas especially for hunting. If it wasn’t for Ted Stevens this may be fact today. Now you can enter when they are not using them if you have completed the required USARTRAK paperwork, called in with all your trip plans, etc. We were promised little impact on our lives with Eielson AFB’s expansion unless you consider the artificial earthquakes from the low aircraft shacking items off shelves, cracking thermal panes especially during cold weather (try proving it for reimbursement even when you saw it happen), and your livestock being startled and killing themselves flying into the chicken mesh. If this wasn’t bad enough, let’s just say the low flying aircraft and sonic booms are something else! Side note: In mining, moose camp on the remote 70 Mile river by Eagle, AK, the low flying aircraft and sonic booms will give you a heart attack with the game running to the hills. We all had the promise of access, especially during moose hunting season when the Army renewed their lease with the State of Alaska a few years back. They must have had their fingers crossed since again this last year they closed the Yukon range for most of the moose hunting season along with the access to many thousands of acres on the other side where many of us have hunted for years, over 30 for myself. We guessed the timing of this exercise again during moose season was necessitated because of the – moon – weather -???? Your guess! We only hope the reason for the scheduling, coinciding with our moose season, wasn’t to protect the poor little moose from us big bad hunters trying to feed our families.