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Myers pleads guilty

by KTNA Staff ~ March 15th, 2011

Last week, Tim Myers,45, of Talkeetna appeared in Palmer court to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges.

On October 31 of last year, Myers was arrested by Alaska State Troopers after a 911 call was received.  He was accused of verbally and physically assaulting his girlfriend at the time as well as damaging property.

According to troopers, Talkeetna Emergency Services was on the scene first and found a vehicle parked along the Talkeetna Spur Road with Myers passed out inside the vehicle.  The woman had escaped and run to take shelter at a friend’s house.  Troopers say they found Myers passed out in the vehicle and also in possession of marijuana.  He refused to take a breathalizer test. Troopers say he caused approximately $450 dollars worth of damage to the vehicle, as he kicked in a window and mirrors after assaulting his girlfriend.    Troopers said the girlfriend was taken to Mat Su Regional Hospital with injuries.

Myers has been in jail in Palmer since his arrest in October.  According to the court documents, he will receive one year in prison with one year suspended sentence and 3 months for first offense.  The sentence also includes 4 years probation, along with anger management classes.  As part of a civil case there is also a protective order.  **Myers also receives a $20,000 fine.

KTNA hopes to continue coverage of domestic violence cases with a follow up to this story in the near future.

2 Responses to Myers pleads guilty

  1. Jayme spires

    just letting you know that i am posting these to my Fb account which is keeping my “friends” informed, so thanks again!

    by the way, the damage to my car was over $1,900 and he is required to go through DV classes as well as alcohol management too.


  2. LuLu

    This is an atrocity that has happened to far too many women, and now too close to home with my girlfriend….and the “justice system” has really NEVER been very supportive of the VICTIM outside of the bare minimum of ‘punishment’ to the perpetrator (the abuser, the rapist, the violent one, etc.) and it is a damned shame that this woman now has to fear this man (and possibly others) for the rest of her life, and undergo the red-tape & protocol of being a victim of domestic violence. It is a very unfair system that usually favors the poor pitiful bastards that hurt women by letting them go with such ridiculously “low” charges like a misdemeanor when it should have been a felony requiring $100,000 minimum compensation and incarceration for more than 5 years without probation!!! God has NOT blessed this “America” with justice for the people, because those who are ‘in charge’ have made it easier for this kind of crime to continue to happen so that ‘they’ can keep getting their revenues from such actions…..
    I am happy that my friend at least got some sort of ‘settlement’, however there is NO satisfaction or compensation for the pain, the ‘fallout’ and major medical expenses outside of the bare minimum allocated to her by a lame court order that the perpetrator will most likely NEVER be able to ‘pay’….he needs to pay with his soul, and he needs to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of such violence….only in Hell will he know that! Too bad he’s not there NOW!!! I know many who would gladly help make that possible….