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Fish Lake morning

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Trapper Creek Elementary slated for roof repairs

by KTNA Staff ~ April 29th, 2011

The Mat Su Borough approved roof repairs for the Trapper Creek elementary school last year and they asked the state for funds.  By June of 2010, the Borough received word that the project had survived the Governor’s veto pen. $110,000 was allocated to the repair project.

The project manager for the Trapper Creek repair is Jeff Walden and last fall, he had said he expected the money to be available in October. As with many projects, there are slight delays at times.

Now, Acting Borough manager, Elizabeth Gray, has announced that Triple 5 Construction from Big Lake has been selected as the contractor and they are scheduled to begin work on the roof in June after school is out. The work is scheduled for completion before the end of summer break.

There is not enough money for the school roof to be replaced entirely, but a proper transition between the roof and the flat roof extension will be installed.

At the same time those repairs are happening, manager Gray reports that a number of road repairs have been scheduled for the Trapper Creek area including the Mile 121 parking lot, Kula Road and Oilwell Extension as well as Trail Ridge and the completion of Moose Creek Bridge.

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