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Fish Lake morning

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Redistricting Board draws new plan

by KTNA Staff ~ June 13th, 2011

The redistricting board has come up with a new plan.  Although some people are more upset with this plan than the last one, voters in the Upper Valley may not think it’s so bad.

However, every redistricting plan in the past has gone to court and a number of people are speculating this plan won’t be any different.

The new map would give the entire Valley 5 1/2 house districts and 2 senate seats.

This time around, the Resdistricting Board has put Trapper Creek and Talkeetna in the same district, along with Willow, Petersville, Houston, Meadow Lakes and Skwentna.  That’s a big change from the previous plan.

The Redistricting Board has changed the numbers and letters associated with House and Senate districts, a move that some say will be confusing to voters.

The map changes made in the latest move put Big Lake and Port MacKenzie in a different district than 7-D.  7-D would be the new district 15 H – the upper valley part of the district. The district would include part of Fishhook Road and Shrock Road in Wasilla and part of Palmer. Charlie Huggins and Representative Neuman are both thrown into a different district and Upper Valley residents would be in Linda Menard’s district for a Senate seat and looking for a new house representative.

The latest map isn’t set in stone yet.  Redistricting board staff is putting finishing touches on legislative district boundaries.  Tyler Bickford, executive Director, says a few changes could be made before the final June 14th deadline.

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