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MEA’s Round Up Program asks for opt out customers

by KTNA Staff ~ July 13th, 2011

Matanuska Electric Association customers recently received information on a decision made by voters at the last MEA annual meeting.

MEA has started a round UP program.  Customers bills will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the 50 cents or less will be given to charities in the valley that apply for the program.

Customers will automatically be part of the round up program unless they contact MEA and tell them they DON’T want to be part of the program.

MEA put the item on the latest ballot.  That item might have been the most controversial vote, but members voted 2 to1 for the round up program.  Normally, only 9 to 12 percent of MEA members vote in the annual election and this year was no different.  Close to 5,800 people voted in this year’s election — about 10% of the total customers. There were a few bylaw changes on the ballot as well as the Round UP program.  The election was held on April 26th this year.

A Charitable Board of Directors will meet each month and decide on which non-profit the funds from the round up program will be dedicated.  Non profits can apply to be part of the program and be eligible to receive funds.  MEA estimates about $170,000 each year will be given to non profits as part of the Round Up program.

NOTE TO RESPONDERS – this is a news story about MEA’s decision. KTNA Community Radio has nothing to do with the MEA opt out program.

12 Responses to MEA’s Round Up Program asks for opt out customers

  1. Gerald & Linda Boehm

    We opt-out of this program. You all had no right to do this.

  2. Connie Nowicki

    I opt-out of this program

  3. Brian Scott

    Dont want to be part of the program.

  4. Virginia Vale-Baluyut

    We opt out of this program

  5. stephen & penny yonker

    we opt- out of this program

  6. stephen & penny yonker

    we opt- out of this program, if i wanted to join i would have did so.

  7. William H. Lee

    we opt out! I choose who I give money too. This is a crooked way to get money, as many do not read what looks like throw away garbage mail. Ypur crooks!

  8. William H. Lee

    The liason person to the MEA board is conveniently out of the office until after the opt out program is due to go into effect, August 1st. How cowardly to avoid the landslide of email and calls. How many of MEA customers are on government assistance? So those will be using government money to pay for this.

  9. William Lee

    You better call MEA because this site has no official button to push to opt out. I called and the person answering at MEA placed me in optout, this site had not done so. Good luck all.

  10. Sue Deyoe

    This is a news story about the opt out program. Of course we have no button to opt out. People need to call MEA in order to do so.

  11. dorsey roland

    we opt out,if i wanted to give you my money i would have done so.

  12. Deborah Brocke

    Please contact MEA to opt out. We just reported the story!