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Fish Lake morning

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NOLS students survive bear attack in Talkeetna Mountains

by KTNA Staff ~ July 25th, 2011

Follow up to this morning’s story: Seven teenagers in an outdoor leadership training program were rescued by Alaska State Troopers after a grizzly bear attacked them late Saturday night. The group was near the end of their month long course in the backcountry east of Denali State Park..  One student remains in serious condition at Providence in Anchorage.


3 Responses to NOLS students survive bear attack in Talkeetna Mountains

  1. joe

    Proof the school is clueless. These dangers are there. Lucky death didn’t result. Would you let your teen spend the night in a prison with the predators? How bout in the woods unarmed with 500 lb plus carnivour predators? Unarmed. Clueless!

  2. Mara

    They were armed with bear spray. However, the attack happened so quickly that they were unable to use it. The reason NOLS does not provide their students with firearms is that, more often than not, the use of firearms by scared and confused teenagers results in the harm of humans, not the animal.

  3. Mark

    NOLS takes tremendous precautions to ensure the safety of their students. This was a freak accident. I believe that this was the first bear attack on a NOLS group in their several decades of operation. Please inform yourself before making a comment like this.

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