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Susitna Council wants to know who is responsible for Snow Berm removal *UPDATE*

by admin default ~ January 10th, 2012

The Susitna Community council has asked a representative from the borough to appear at the next Council meeting to participate in a discussion about snow berms in residential areas. The matter came up when *Terrence Shannigan explained that he has pursued the matter at every level for a number of years and has not been able to find someone to take responsibility for the berms that frequently obstruct the driveways of the Susitna council area. Borough road maintenance regulations state that snow berms taller than one foot high must be removed by the plows. Much of the Northern valley is plowed by contractors to the state, and Shannigan says they rarely remove berms from driveways. During a recent storm, he says he had to remove a berm that stood chest-high in order to report for work.

Susitna Community Council meetings take place on the First Thursday of every month.

*UPDATE* Shannigan addressed the Council as a concerned citizen, and at no time claimed to represent the Alaska State Troopers.

4 Responses to Susitna Council wants to know who is responsible for Snow Berm removal *UPDATE*

  1. Tanya Parker

    I would like to know this answer as well and also how it can be enforced even at the one foot level. Who is going to make sure that the party responsible will be held accountable?
    For quite some years East Talkeetna (and I am sure most of Talkeetna) has had the problem of an individual just getting their drfiveway cleared only to have a plowing company drive by and reberm their driveway in with more of the heavy snow and ice chunks. I had this happen to me so many times I sought out the involved party and was told that unless it is over a foot, then they can do it …however in most cases when this company decides to widen the street by plowing existing snow piles they have stacked, or you neighbor has not cleared their property, then excess snow is dumped in the next closest gap which in most cases is your cleared driveway. It is a rather touchy subject but an important one especially for our law enforcement officials, older people who may have physical problems, and just regular individuals who have just finished shoveling those bermed areas that the snow blower can’t handle because the plow just redepopsited another “gift” to them.
    I believe (I am certain) that those plow trucks have the capacity to change the angle of the blade in order that it will not berm an entrance way whether it is at a place of business or a private residence. It just take extra time and an effort to move the lever to change the angle at every driveway…an effort that seems to elude the individual plowing. It is easier to zoom down the street to get finished without regard to someones hard work to keep their driveway cleared.
    Thanks you Trooper Tereance Shannigan for seeking out an answer to this persistant problem.

    Tanya Parker

  2. DWessler

    I have to concur with both the original article and the comment. I live in the Talkeetna area, about 4 miles out of town. In my case, (as it is, I am sure, for several others in my community), it is my aging back that does the plowing, or shoveling. There is no one else to do it and the cost of hiring someone to do so with a snow plow over the entire winter is not within my budget. I have called the Borough several times on this issue and nothing has ever been done about it. It is both a health and potential safety concern as there are times when a berm would prevent me from leaving my home in an emergency due to not being able to get over the berm with my vehicle. It is hard to accept that the Mat-Su Borough is so negligent to its citizens that it would even create a liability for itself.

  3. Trevor Walter

    My family and I live about 4 miles up Montana Creek Rd, just down from the substation. Whoever does the road plowing out here runs a huge grader and they manage to lift up or re-angle the blade so as not to deposit a bunch of snow on my driveway entry. If it can be done with a road grader, I’d think the plow trucks could easily do the same.

    Thanks to the plow guy(s) out here – we really appreciate how quick you get on snow removal after a storm and that you change the blade angle and don’t dump a bunch of snow on our driveway!!!

  4. Beverly Bockoven

    We too have had a difficult time keeping the berm at the front of our driveway under or at the 12 in level. At this writing it is well over 21/2 ft. (have pictures). The driveway entrance was completely destroyed after the last plowing. I have a call into the plowing company to give them an opportunity to “fix” the problem. If not, I’ll be expressing more tomorrow!!