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Fish Lake morning

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Winter Storms will now have names all their own

by admin default ~ October 4th, 2012

The Weather Channel has announced it will now be giving names to severe winter storms, much as Hurricanes have been named for the past 60 years. On their website, the Weather Channel says giving names to the storms will allow forecasters to identify more serious weather events, and, as with hurricanes, create a sense of identity for that storm system.

After several years of using nicknames for severe winter weather, such as last year’s “Arctic Hurricane” off Alaska’s West Coast, and other weather events in the lower 48 nicknamed “snow-magedon” or “snow-pocalypse,” Winter storms will have names such as Athena, Brutus, and Gandolf.

1 Response to Winter Storms will now have names all their own

  1. John

    The naming of storms will have additional fallout that is not being reported.
    Insurance companies will love the naming because this will invoke the named storm clause on homeowner policies.
    The deductables will be increased with this on all related claims due to the storm and now if you are paying for a low deductable on your home it will increase during a named storm to 2%-10% of the policy limit.
    If you have a $200,000 policy this could leave you with a $4,000 to $20,000 deductable.
    Not all changes with the weather service are good!