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Fish Lake morning

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Governor’s proposed budget has $95 Million for Su Dam, $30 Million for Public Safety

by admin default ~ December 14th, 2012

Governor Parnell submitted his budget to the legislature at a meeting of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce on Friday. In his remarks, he hi-lighted main areas of the proposed $12.8 billion tab.

Among the first areas the Governor emphasized was public safety.


The Governor formalized his request for $10 million for Chinook Salmon research.


Energy priorities in the Governor’s budget include $95 million dollars for the Susitna Watana Hydro dam project.


He also asked the state for $125 million for the sustainable energy fund, another $51.5 million for the Weatherization and Home energy rebate funds.

Resource extraction was also prioritized, with $18 million for Roads to Resources for access to mineral and timber extraction.

Other budget priorities include education, and Parnell stated a goal of increasing Graduation Rates in Alaska up to 90% by the year 2020. Today’s graduation rate is 70%

1 Response to Governor’s proposed budget has $95 Million for Su Dam, $30 Million for Public Safety

  1. sam wiser

    As I have said earlier.This is about huge military buildups ahead and the energy this needs.The Alaskan population is an annoyance to the big plans ahead.Chemtrailed every day in Anchorage with toxic chemicals above us to shorten our lives. In plain sight.Would you be upset to know radioactive DU is sprayed daily along with lab bacteria and molds..Do not kill the messenger-research the site of Carnicorn- a famous biologist. The Environmental movement was hijacked years ago by the UN and the Agenda 21 is in progress for us all here. Nixon put most of Alaska out of reach for one reason.Collateral on the Future Debt.Wake up you wonderful Alaskans.Here in Hawaii we are under spray attack.Our crop yields outside in Maui are 60% less.
    Watch on line-What in the World are They Spraying?. Get the guts to ask why is this happeneing.To get rid of us.Kill our food source to do this.Weaken our immune systems.