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Medical Officials Concerned Over Low Vaccination Rates

by Phillip Manning ~ June 25th, 2013

Full Audio: 20130625Vaccination

In April of this year, the State of Alaska Division of Epidemiology released the results of a survey of mothers of 3-year-old children conducted between 2009 and 2011.  It showed that the rate of mothers that delayed or refused one or more recommended childhood vaccinations increased about nine percent over the survey period.  A 2011 national survey ranked Alaska 39th in the United States for immunization of children under three years old.

The survey is based on the Center for Disease Control’s (C-D-C) recommended schedule for timing of vaccines.  The survey cited the most common reasons for not vaccinating according to the schedule as: a belief that too many shots are given at once, that some shots are given too early, and that some vaccines do more harm than good.

I spoke with Dr. Joe McLaughlin, State Epidemiologist, who says that much of the fear over vaccines began with the belief that vaccination contributes to autism.

“This is a groundless claim, and it actually arose from a spurious study that involved twelve children.  And this article was actually dismissed shortly after it was published, and it was called ‘irresponsible and dishonest.’  And the article’s lead author had his medical license revoked in Great Britain as a result of publishing this article.”

Dr. McLaughlin explains that recent studies also show that the number of vaccines given do not pose a risk to a child’s health.

“Fortunately, a recent study that was published in the journal Pediatrics looked at the risk of too many vaccines overwhelming the child’s immune system, and what the researchers found is that multiple vaccines do not overwhelm, weaken, or use up the children’s immune system.”

The survey shows that the Anchorage-Mat-Su region has what it calls a “vaccine hesitancy” rate of about 26%.  In the upper Susitna Valley, however, numbers suggest that the rate may be significantly higher.  I spoke to Dr. Mary Loeb, Medical Director at the Sunshine Community Health Center, who says that six to ten percent of parents in the area do not vaccinate at all, but that approximately five percent of children under two receive all of their vaccines as recommended by the CDC.  She also describes fears of side-effects, but says trust also plays a key role.

“The other aspect, I think, that we really saw was a lack of trust.  People were fearful of vaccines.  They’re fearful of the companies that produce the vaccines and government, so there’s a real trust issue, I think, that is at the heart of the hesitancy to vaccinate. So, I think we need”

Dr. Loeb says that not vaccinating carries inherent risks both for the individual child as well as the community, especially those who are too young to be vaccinated, or who cannot be vaccinated due to other conditions, and that the low vaccination percentages could open the door for an outbreak.

“It’s important that we make the best possible decision for our children and our community, and also that, as parents and a community, that were prepared for the possible consequences of those decisions, and that we have a plan.  So, again if parents choose not to vaccinate that they understand the risks, and that if we continue to have large number of children and adults who choose not to vaccinate, that we have a plan for how are we going to handle it if we do have an epidemic in our community.  And I think the most important thing is that we keep the lines of communication open, that we continue to talk about these issues, so that we all know where each other are coming from and we can make the best plan possible for everyone.”

In the end, Dr. Loeb says that delayed or refused vaccinations do not make someone a bad parent, but that it’s best when decisions regarding vaccinations made with information from a medical professional.

6 Responses to Medical Officials Concerned Over Low Vaccination Rates

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  2. Mau Meleckrine

    What utter rubbish. Honest information from your medial doctor regarding vaccines? You get better information from a fruit fly.

  3. lilady, R.N.

    @ Maurine Meleck: Did the Media Director of Age of Autism, deputize you to come and post your insulting inanitites?

    You and your buddies at that notorious anti-vaccine, anti-science blog get your information from your hero, the disgraced and discredited former medical doctor Andrew Wakefield…disgusting.

    How about refuting some of the 352 studies published in first-tier peer-reviewed medical and science journals, from this PubMed line listing, that show no link between measles vaccines and the onset of autism?

  4. lilady, R.N.

    @ Maureen Melnick: The 352 PubMed studies I referenced in my post above:


  5. cia parker

    Dr. Wakefield’s Lancet case series on children regressing into autism and bowel disease within days or weeks of the MMR was never debunked, as you say. His insurance was unwilling to pay for him to bring lawsuit for having had his license revoked and his name dragged through the mud by every news outlet in the world claiming that he had committed fraud, but his colleagues Drs. Walker-Smith and Murch, who had also participated in the Lancet study, brought lawsuit against the GMC last year and won! High Court Judge Sir John Mitting took several extra weeks to study the case, and found that there had been NO FRAUD, the children’s symptoms and their timing (after the MMR) had been accurately recorded, and they had been appropriately treated for their illness. He reprimanded the GMC for shallow reasoning and false conclusions. He restored the licenses of Drs. Walker-Smith and Murch. The MMR often does cause autism and bowel disease (and many other serious conditions listed on the package insert). Measles is not nearly as dangerous as the vaccine to prevent.it, but, when I was a child and had it at six, was considered a routine disease that all children got, and that was ultimately beneficial for them.
    My baby reacted to the hep-B vax given to her at midnight at the hospital the day she was born, without asking permission, and even though I had told her pediatrician I absolutely didn’t want her to get it. She screamed constantly for four days and nights in her first week of life, when colic never occurs, and lost over a pound as she stopped nursing because of the vaccine-induced encephalitis. Every vaccine can and often does cause encephalitis, check out the package inserts, caused by the immune system becoming extremely alarmed by the vaccine assault and mounting an extreme inflammatory reaction to combat it. The encephaltitis is responsible for the extreme increase in recent decades of autism, ADHD, seizure disorders, and learning and behavioral disorders. Vaccines also sensitize the immune system to substances resembling vaccine ingredients, causing the huge increase in asthma, allergies, diabetes, and bowel disease. They skew the immune response from appropriate Th1 to autoimmune Th2. The peanut oil used in many vaccines is responsible for the massive increase in peanut allergies, which are sometimes fatal.
    My baby got the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, but caught pertussis anyway at 8 months, and gave it to me, because the vaccine just isn’t very effective. It was an alarming and fatiguine illness, but not dangerous, as it usually is not in those older than three or four months. If young infants get the shot at 2 months of age, it more than doubles their risk of asthma at seven when compared to those starting the series a few months later, and those not getting the pertussis vaccine at all are extremely unlikely to ever get asthma. (Manitoba study) Very young infants are the only ones at risk of death from pertussis (one in 200 of those who get it), and should be kept in quarantine at home until they are past the age of greatest danger from pertussis. Google high-dose vitamin-C protocol for treating young infants (or anyone else) with pertussis, it is extremely effective.
    I reacted to a tetanus booster with both arms being paralyzed the same day, brachial plexus neuropathy, and went on to develop multiple sclerosis, a reaction probably caused by the mercury in the vaccines I got.
    Alaska parents are wise to refuse vaccines for their children: the vaccines often cause severe and permanent damage, and are more dangerous for most people most of the time than the vaccine-preventable diseases.

  6. lilady, R.N.

    @ CIA Parker: You and your buddies at Age of Autism keep defending Wakefield, when a committee of his peers at the GMC conducted the longest Fitness-To-Practice Hearing ever, and rendered the decision to remove his medical license.

    Why didn’t Wakefield take up the generous offer made by the Royal Free Hospital to try to replicate his findings from his original “study”.

    What happened to the tissues specimens preserved in paraffin removed from his “study” subjects, that went “mysteriously missing”.

    Where are the original scoring sheets and the histopathology reports from those “missing specimens”.

    You, a lawyer, are deliberately misinterpreting the restoration of Walker-Smith’s license as some sort of vindication of Wakefield…when the only reason Walker-Smith’s license was restored (as you well know), is because he threw Wakefield under the bus, by stating that Wakefield lied to him.

    I’ve told you this before on other forums, about vaccine inserts and the “reported” side effects. The FDA requires the manufacturers of vaccine to include any and all “reported side effects that are reported”…no matter how specious and non-plausible those claims are.

    Do you now deny that you finally admitted on a public forum that you, not a physician, diagnosed your child with “vaccine-induced encephalitis”, Parker?

    Seriously Parker, stop referring to your child as “vaccine-damaged”. Get some professional help, so that you develop good parenting skills and so that you finally accept your special needs child.