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KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

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Fish Lake morning

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Mat-Su Borough and Talkeetna Community Council Election Unofficial Results

by Phillip Manning ~ October 1st, 2013

This story has been updated to include vote totals for all School Board candidates for Seats F and G.

The Mat-Su Borough and Talkeetna Community Council Board of Directors elections occurred yesterday.  On Tuesday night, the Borough website posted the following results.  These results are unofficial, and absentee ballots may still be received until Friday.  Nine-thousand, eight-hundred and sixty (9,860) votes were cast borough-wide.  

There were two ballot propositions up for vote in Tuesday’s elections.  Proposition B-1 proposed a tax on alcoholic beverage sales.  The measure was defeated with three-thousand, four-hundred and fifty eight (3,458) votes in favor, and six-thousand, two-hundred and thirty-one votes (6,231) votes against.

Proposition B-2, which calls for bonds to match state funding for road improvements near some Borough schools, passed with five-thousand six-hundred (5,600) votes in favor, and three-thousand, nine-hundred and eighty-seven votes against.

The other Borough-wide votes were for School Board seats C, F, and G.

Susan Pougher ran unopposed for Seat C.  Four candidates ran for Seat F:  Donna Dearman, Stephen Jacobson, incumbent Neal Lacy, and Jim Tapley.  Donna Dearman ended the night with the most votes with two-thousand, four-hundred and thirty-five (2,435).  Neal Lacy had the second highest vote total with two-thousand, three-hundred (2,300).  Stephen Jacobson received one-thousand, nine-hundred and twenty-one votes (1,921), and one-thousand, three-hundred and ninety-eight (1,398) voted for Jim Tapley.  Two candidates were on the ballot for Seat G: incumbent David Cheezem and challenger Ray Michaelson.  Michaelson came out ahead with four-thousand, four-hundred and fifty-seven votes (4,457).  David Cheezem received three-thousand, seven-hundred and thirty-one votes (3,731).

Two Borough Assembly seats were up for vote.  As of last night, the District One race was the tightest in the Borough.  Doug Glenn tallied nine-hundred and fifty-one (951) votes, and Jim Sykes received nine-hundred and ninety-six (996).  For Distrit two, incumbent Noel Woods received seven-hundred and twelve (712) votes, and challenger Matthew Beck received eight-hundred and thirty-five (835).

The Talkeetna Community Council Board also elected three members last night.  According to Board Chair Cary Birdsall, one-hundred and twelve (112) votes were cast.  There were nine write-in votes, and the remainder were split fairly evenly between the three candidates.  Mary Farina, Iris Vandenham (EE-ris VAN-den-HAM), and Katie Writer were elected to the T-C-C Board.

If there are changes to any of these results from write-in ballots or additional counts, K-T-N-A will report it.

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