Nuggets – Daryl Miller, 12-31-08

This is an old Nuggets that was not posted previously on our web site. Daryl Miller, at the time head of mountaineering for Denali National Park, is interviewed by Maureen McLaughlin.

StarDate Susitna, 1-14-18

In this episode of StarDate, Kathleen Fleming discusses the new moon this week and the waxing crescent and super moon. There is some info on viewing the Adronmeda Galaxy with an image below.

Talkeetna library hosts book-to-film reading program for local youth

  by:  Katie Writer – KTNA In the Internet Age, where almost everything can be found online and at home, what is the attraction for teenagers to a public library? Talkeetna librarian aid and mother of four, Tasja Williams, has created a winter reading program that combines reading and movies to bring young people to the…

Jazz musician Jason Ajemian combines musical talent with aviation

by:  Katie Writer – KTNA Jason Ajemian came to Talkeetna as a well know musician in the jazz scene. Since then, he has become a licensed pilot. Jason is keeping busy this winter as an assistant mechanic for Christiansen Lake Rentals and Maintenance.  Music may still be Jason’s number one passion. Earlier in December, ‘Fly…

StarDate Sustina, 12-17-17

This episode of StarDate Susitna by Kathleen Fleming is about the December Solstice and the night sky over the upper Susitna valley. Correction(in audio): in this program, I said the current North Star was at the end of the Big Dipper’s handle of course I meant the end of the Little Dippers handle.

Tips for Healthy Living, 12-15-17

On this Tips for Healthy Living, Holly Stinson visits with Jen Hales, clinical support supervisor, talking about vaccines, medical assistant apprenticeship and upcoming specialty clinics.